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How seaweed can prevent the worst farts and fight climate change at the same time

Fewer dangerous gas emissions: seaweed can do that!
Let’s face it: farts are one of the worst things in life. Not only can they destroy a romantic dinner, or a private moment between the sheets… They also cause global warming. Methane emissions from farting cattle are one of the biggest contributors to the greenhouse effect. Luckily, seaweed has a solution for that. And here it is:
This cow’s got a message for us: Please feed me seaweed and I’ll stop farting methane!

Take action quickly

Anyone seen Cowspiracy? or, Before the flood? Then you know, that the farts of our cattle contain a lot of methane. This greenhouse gas is 25 times more dangerous than CO2 when it comes to global warming, which could be disastrous to all of us, if we don’t take action quickly. So... what to do? should we all stop eating beef? Or is there another solution? Yes there is! And it’s called seaweed:
This seaweed, Asparagopsis taxiformis, can help us reduce global warming

No more dangerous gases

The solution is plain and simple: If we feed our livestock seaweed, then it will stop producing methane. Researchers from Australia found that several species of seaweed significantly reduced methane emissions of cows, by reducing the numbers methane-producing bacteria in their guts. There was one seaweed species, Asparagopsis taxiformis, that could even stop methane production completely. And that’s not the only thing: Seaweed can also make cows – and other animals – healthier, while reducing the total cost of farming. Can you sea the future?
If we’d all eat seaweed, this would probably not happen…

Romantic huh?

Now that’s something interesting to tell during your next romantic dinner. And do you know what is extra interesting? What seaweed can do for cows, it could also do for humans. In terms of health. AND in terms of gas production. I am closely following some researchers on this topic. Stay tuned for more seaweed news!


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