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Free food, anyone?

You would be highly surprised when someone asked this question on the street. Yet, the best things in life - including the most nutritious vegetables - are still for free. Curious where you can find them? Read on:

Let’s sea where it is

I guess you know now what sort of veggies I’m talking about, right? Yes, seaweeds! There is an enormous amount of seaweed out there, in the sea. And we can eat it: Almost all species are edible. Quite a few are also tasty. Let me give you an example of a seaweed that we can all harvest and eat. For free.

Zeewiertrip Bretange-98.jpg

Sea lettuce?

This seaweed right here, is sea lettuce. You’ve probably seen it on a hot summer's day, when you were at the beach. But did you also know that you can eat it? It’s very simple. Just take some green leaves out of the water. Clean them - just like normal lettuce - with fresh water when you get home. And just make a nice salad. Or a soup. Or… anything.

More free food

Of course, Sea lettuce is not the only free food in the ocean.There are plenty of other seaweeds that I will write about later. Stay tuned for more free seaweed news!


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